Granelli Audio Labs G5790

The G5790 by Granelli audio labs is a Shure SM57 with a 90 degree angle. The reason for the creation was to tackle the bleed from the hi hat that is commonly heard through the snare mic, with the right-angle it allows you to utilise the null point  of the SM57’s cardioid pattern by positioning it towards the Hi-hat.

Granelli use a custom aluminum part that is acoustically-engineered to give a result that maintains the SM57’s familiar tone while giving engineers more functionality making it the perfect solution for reducing bleed when recording drums!. The price of the G5790 is $154.99 and just $10 more if you want the SM58 Mod. UK buyers will have import charges however Granelli offer a DIY conversion kit for just $57.90 that contains everything you need to convert your own SM57 or SM58.


You can purchase your own G5790 via Granelli Audio Labs

Behringer ADA8000

A great partner to the 003 Series to have in your rack is the ADA8000 from Behringer, with this 1U rack unit you can have an additional 8 microphone preamps sent digitally via ADAT  however limited to a sample rate of 48Khz.

ADA8000 Specifications

  • ADAT In / Out
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • 8 XLR mic inputs
  • 8 Line Inputs
  • 8 Outputs

As a drummer the Behringer is an essential and affordable unit to be able to add an additional 8 inputs opens more options for recording drums even in your home practice space / studio. The Behringer ADA8000 is now discontinued however can be bought affordably online on second hand markets like eBay or Gumtree for around the price of £50 – £100.

Alternatively you could achieve the same results by purchasing a newer model such as the Behringer ADA8200 that can be purchased from reputable sellers such as Thomann.